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Very frequently employers illegally classify their employees as exempt from wage and hour payments. Mr. Zorea will analyze your work situation, to ensure that you are getting overtime if you are entitled to overtime. Key common problem areas in wage and hour law occur when someone is working “on-call.” If you are answering a phone after hours, you may be entitled to overtime. Also, just because you are paid on a salary does not mean that you are not still entitled to overtime. Give Mr. Zorea a call on any wage and hour questions.
At the law office of Isaac Zorea, we take care to provide our customers high quality legal services personalized for their unique needs. Mr. Zorea is located in Anchorage but serves remote areas of Alaska.  For more information to see if he may be able to assist you in your legal needs please take time to provide him with a little information.  Our office staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

Not every termination is a wrongful termination. However, if you are fired and you suspect that the reason is based on a protected classification, rather than your work performance, then you may have been wrongfully terminated. Protected classifications include: Race, Gender, Pregnancy, Age (40 years or older), Disability, and National Origins. Additionally, if you are terminated because you engaged in whistle blowing (opposing unlawful conduct), or otherwise opposed unethical or illegal conduct, you may have been wrongfully terminated. If you believe you might have been wrongfully terminated, give Mr. Zorea a call and he can help.
Any public employee that has been terminated without being afforded due process, will most likely have a civil rights claim under 42 U.S.C. 1983. Public employees are guaranteed many protections, including those under the First Amendment. If you are terminated because you have vocally opposed illegal or unethical actions in a public employment setting, your rights may have been violated. Also, if you have been arrested in violation of the Fourth Amendment, Mr. Zorea can help you.

Additionally, Mr. Zorea can help with any employee related issues. Additionally, Mr. Zorea can assist employers who feel they are being unjustly accused of violating employee rights. ​