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The Eternal Scar
The Colonial Charter of Massachusetts: Flint for Revolution
At one time, Immanuel Zachary Stone was a typical American child, with loving parents and an adoring sister. His parents indulged young Immanuel, allowing him to travel to Scotland right after he finished high school. His youthful travels ended suddenly, however, when Immanuel learned that his family had died tragically. Shot by a lone gunman, Immanuel's family departed the earth together, leaving him as the sole remaining member of his family. After the funeral, Immanuel could not adjust to life as an orphan. In despair, he moves back to the Scottish highlands, where he develops the habit of sitting on a lone hillside thinking of his family. The sadness in Immanuel's life clouds his eyes from any good thing that exists in his world. 
Mr. Zorea spends his leisure time reading and writing.  Most of his writing involves legal papers: letters, motions and briefs.  However, in his youth he endeavored to write a history book and a novel.  His history book was written as a project as he achieved his Masters Degree in History.  His novel was written during the early years following college, prior to law school.  Please enjoy these books as you are getting to know your attorney, Mr. Isaac Zorea.

This book examines the promises within Massachusetts' Charter of 1629, and the method by which John Winthrop transferred political rights to the Bay colony. The Bay colony's Charter is also placed within its proper political context - focusing on England's Constitutional crisis during the Seventeenth century. Finally, this book will illustrate how England's mercantile policies toward the American colonies contributed to breaching the Colonial Charters, and prompting Revolution.