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Solo Practice Attorney, Moshe Calberg Zorea
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Domestic violence, substance abuse, anger and trust issues are the main causes of couples and families breaking up, causing emotional and financial pain and stress. Often they lead to a person being charged with a crime or crimes. For over 30 years Moshe Zorea has handled these emotionally charged cases from Ketchikan, all over South Central Alaska, Fairbanks, to Barrow and out the Aleutian chain as well as Nome and Kotzebue, in Alaska's state and Federal courts. The goal always being the best possible outcome for his client. Experience with the effects of these cases on people, causing them to act and feel afraid and greatly stressed, is important in reaching the most satisfactory outcome possible.

When the roads clear,  his vehicle of choice for courts on the road network is his Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide UltraClassic. Utilizing all forms of communication with clients he is readily available, by phone, text, email or fax, all coming to the same IPhone. Moshe genuinely likes and cares about people, of all ages and backgrounds and has lived in Alaska over thirtyfive years, raising 6 children with wife Rivka.  

In Anchorage call 337-7741 or 258-ZLAW (9529) or Text Moshe at 907-952-2515. If you reside outside Anchorage call toll free 888-337-7741, Fax toll free from anywhere, 877-727-3713, email moshezorea@yahoo.com.

Mailing address:  P.O. Box 212043, Anchorage, AK 99521